Rock That Presentation Like a Boss!

Rock That Presentation Like a Boss!

Another fabulous week happening you guys!!! And I’m excited to tell you about my training/speaking sessions I had last week! Two of them! 2! One on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.  Both sessions helped me come to a conclusion, one that some of my friends claim they already knew (insert eye rolling emoji). lol. So yeah, I’m not half bad at this speaking/training/presentation thing at all!  My favourite part is when participants ask questions, and I try to encourage questions throughout the session.  I realise that when this happens during presentations it means they’re paying attention and they get it!!  Makes me glow on the inside 🙂

Anyway, my first training was for staff and management of Agape New Testament Church.  Training was in Basic Event Management and I took them through a template I designed to help the organisation plan any kind of event, big or small.  I must say, i was a tad nervous before the class (as with every class I’ve ever done) but again, questions came in and i was happy as a lark! Feedback from some of the attendees was also very encouraging.

My second session was at the Embellish creative workshop where Talata Provencal, owner and luxury stationer of By Talata taught the “business and art of invitation and stationery”.  So fancy. 🙂  I had fun during my session with the participants!  Spoke on “Working harmoniously with clients and vendors” and my time was up in a heartbeat! Time flies when you’re having fun!!  The participants here did some really good work as well.  Very impressive stuff! Okay thats enough chatter, enjoy the photos from both sessions guys!!!

Basic Event Management Training :






Embellish Workshop:










That’s all folks!! Have a fabulous rest of the week! 🙂



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