Why should I hire a Wedding Planner/Consultant?

A wedding planner/consultant is a professional whose expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be. You can relax (as much as you can) and be a guest at your own wedding, allowing your planner to only do as much or as little as you want her to.

Your wedding planner is an advisor, coordinator, supervisor, financial planner and a mediator and you are trusting your once in a lifetime event of your dreams in the hands of your planner. He/she is there to reduce your stress levels and must be someone you're comfortable with, someone you can trust and be honest and open with.

In addition to helping make your wedding dreams come true within your budget - and perhaps saving you from costly mistakes - a consultant will save you time. With today's hectic lifestyles, many bridal couples and their families do not have the time for the detailed planning and work a beautiful wedding requires. A professional consultant, working with you, can handle the details, allowing you the freedom to do what you want to do.

If you're unsure of your wedding vision and have no idea where to start the planning process, a wedding planner is a great source to get tons of advice and invaluable experience from. A consultant will take care of the details, leaving you to have the fun. And, on the wedding day, you can shine as the star, while your consultant works behind the scene to make it all happen!

Do you do decor?

Purple Twirl acts as a liaison between our clients and our trusted vendors and currently, these include decorators. We will be glad to refer you to a decorator based on your budget and with a Purple Twirl discount.

We handle all the details of your wedding as much, or as little, as you want us to and decor is one of the many niceties we would be honored to handle at your dream event.

How will I benefit from your vendors?

Because we've built a good relationship with all our vendors, we are able to get a discount from them for our clients. So you will not only be getting the best services in the industry, but it'll be at a fabulous discount!!

What if I have my own vendors?

We're delighted to work with new vendors all the time. You are not restricted to work with those on our vendor list and we will be glad to work with your preferred vendor choices.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, we do. Our Pearl and Emerald Packages allow our clients to pay in 3 installments depending on the time frame between the date of booking and the date of the event. Please contact us for more information.

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